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On: 06 Feb 2017

A Lap around Azure App Service

Milan Nankov | Level: Intermediate
On: 26 Feb 2017

Be the almighty creator of intelligence with Azure Bot Service

Radoslav Gatev | Level: Intermediate
On: 20 Mar 2017

Stretching SQL Server database in Azure

Margarita Naumova | Level: Begginer
On: 21 Mar 2017

10 Customizations in VSTS (that were never possible before)

Martin Kulov | Level: Begginer
On: 21 Mar 2017

Demystifying Operations Management Suite

Stanislav Zhelyazkov | Level: Intermediate
On: 23 Mar 2017

IoT with Influx Time Series and Azure Machine Learning

Ivo Andreev | Level: Intermediate
On: 29 Mar 2017

Securing your SQL Enviornment in Azure

Kaloyan Kosev | Level: Intermediate
On: 30 Mar 2017

Azure Functions - from start to MMO Game Server

Ivan Vlaevski | Level: Begginer
On: 31 Mar 2017

Microsoft Azure IoT Suite

Julian Sapoundzhiev | Level: Begginer
On: 02 Apr 2017

Prediction with Azure Machine Learning and Cortana Intelligence Suit

Ivan Donev | Level: Begginer
On: 04 Apr 2017

Azure Unchained: Blockchains in the cloud

Valentin Bonev | Level: Begginer
On: 05 Apr 2017

Benefits of using Application Insights

Dimitar Mitev | Level: Begginer
On: 10 Apr 2017

Azure Logic Apps with Enterprise Connectors

Nikolay Popov | Level: Intermediate
On: 11 Apr 2017

Hybrid SQL Server backup strategies with Azure

Miroslav Dimitrov | Level: Begginer
On: 11 Apr 2017

How we optimized our infrastructure thanks to Azure

Dimitar Georgiev | Level: Begginer
On: 13 Apr 2017

Servers? We don't need no stinking servers!

Wekoslav Stefanovski | Level: Begginer
On: 13 Apr 2017

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud: Practical comparison

Mihail Al. Mateev | Level: Intermediate
On: 13 Apr 2017

Case study: Leveraging the Azure to improve world wide web site performance

Nikolay Dinev | Level: Begginer
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